Meadowcrest Arts and Craft Market 

46th Annual

November 17, 2018

 Business Name___________________________________________________________  

Contact  Person___________________________________________________________

Mailing Address___________________________________________________________   


Phone #________________________   Email___________________________________

Please select the category that best fits your handmade work:


Leather         Metal       Glass            Photography           Fine Art/Graphics            Jewelry     Pottery              Textiles                    Wood                 Other(explain)_________________ 

Describe the works and products that you will display and sell. Please attach pictures. 


__________Inside Space           __________Outside Space              ___________Electricity

__________New Exhibitor          _____________Previous Exhibitor Desiring Same Space 

Payment Information

    Postmark BY Oct. 16, 2017                                                   ____ Space(s) @ $30.00 = ________  

    Postmark AFTER Oct. 16, 2017                                            ____ Space (s) @ $50.00 = _______


Total Fee enclosed                                                                    $______________________

Please make check payable Pilot Club of Greene County and mail to:
Pilot Club of Greene County, :Meadowcrest Chairman; P.O. Box 122, Greensboro, GA 30642

Vender Agreement
I do hereby release and forever discharge the 2018 Meadowcrest Arts and Craft Market Committee  and the Pilot Club of Greene County and it's agents, servants, successors and assigns and all other persons, firms and corporations, from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims, demand, damages, costs, loss of service, expenses and compensations, which I may acquire or may accrue, arising out of any events taking place November 18, 2017 or other wise connected with the 2018 Meadowcrest Arts and Craft Market.. 

I have read all the Meadowcrest Arts and Craft Market rules and agree to abide by them.